3 ERP programs to use in our Ubuntu

Events like OpenExpo Day remind me that in Ubuntu there is not only office software and multimedia, but also business solutions like ERP software that works great. That’s why I wanted to talk today about three ERP programs that work very well, are completely free and can be used in any version and / or flavor of Ubuntu.

I have selected the three most famous and most used programs because in case of problem, any of these three programs has a wide community that can help us quickly.

The first of these is OpenBravo. It is perhaps the best known software as it has not changed its name in recent years. The best thing about this software is that it has a cashier version that helps us transform any computer with touch screen or any tablet into a powerful cash register. In addition it also has a support service that we can hire even though the software is completely free and open source.

The second of them is called WebERP. this program is an ERP software that is installed on a web server such as WordPress or Joomla. The interesting thing about this software is that you can install it on a server and connect remotely without having to have a large computer. It’s a pretty functional software but it doesn’t have (or at least I haven’t found it) a CRM module. In addition, if you are installing on a single computer, you must first install the LAMP software.

The third software is called Odoo, Formerly known as OpenERP and formerly known as TinyERP. It is one of the oldest and with an amazing community and supports. It is also the most used by companies and is in the official Ubuntu repositories, so that through the Ubuntu Software Center can be installed (although in the repositories still appears with OpenERP). Besides Odoo it has a multitude of plugins that connect to the system to give more functionality such as Google Calendar, other CRMs, online stores, etc …

There is almost one ERP program for each company, just look for

Personally if I have to choose, I would first use a virtual machine with these three systems and go testing one by one and putting in fake data to see if it works according to our needs. It is true that if we want to use a cash register and we want to save on your purchase, OpenBravo is the solution but if we want to have the most complete with many features, Odoo is the answer. As you can see it all depends on our needs but any of the three will suit many situations. Just try it.


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