Aethercast, the technology that will connect television to Ubuntu Phone

It seems that Ubuntu Phone’s flaws are slowly being fixed. One of the last problems that existed, the connection with Miracast technology, seems to be solved. So far being able to connect our smartphone to a monitor was something that was reserved for the Nexus 4 as other devices had issues with this type of connection. Ubuntu Phone developers know that the device is old so they have looked for a solution that goes through the software. This is how technology was created Aethercast, A technology that communicates Miracast with Ubuntu Phone.

Miracast is the technology used on devices like Chromecast or tablets to make mirroringThat is, they broadcast the screen of the device to the monitor. This is useful for convergence and it looks like Aethercast will be a very good makeshift solution. so Aethercast via Wi-Fi Display will send the image to the monitor or TV that has wifi connection, which can have any TV thanks to devices like Chromecast.

Aethercast will be compatible with Miracast and other technologies

From what is seen with the convergence of Microsoft, it seems that Ubuntu will have better technology because with Aethercast will not be necessary to use cables to connect the screen, only need a wifi connection. Also from Ubuntu it is stated that they are working for their technology is compatible with other technologies besides Miracast, so in the not too distant future, we will surely be able to connect our smartphone to any TV or monitor that exists.

No video has yet been seen on the operation of Aethercast but it seems that the software will work on Ubuntu Phone and will be a great utility, at least for those who do not want to load cables and displays, as well as being very useful for presentations and how add-on for tablets. Too bad it’s still in its infancy.

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