Backup Cinnamon applets, extensions and slips

Although it is the best option to ensure 100% that we do not drag errors from a previous installation, installing a system from 0 can be a nuisance. I like to always start from 0, I also like, for example, to recover some configuration folders, as is the case with the .firefox folder regardless of the distribution you use. In the environment Cinnamon we have a lot of things we might want to save and that’s why we’ll teach you how to make one applet backup, extensions, and desklets of a graphical environment that has gained fame thanks to distributions such as Linux Mint.

For about three years, Cinnamon allows us to add:

  • applets: They add new icons to the panel from which we can perform various operations, such as controlling brightness, controlling the battery if we are using a laptop, accessing the search tool, controlling applications at startup, and so on.
  • extensions: They can modify some Cinnamon functions, such as adding a Dock or changing the image of the application selector window (the one that appears when Alt + Tab is pressed together).
  • Desklets: The small applications that appear on the desktop.

Backing up Cinnamon applets, extensions, and slips

Just start Linux Mint we will see that we already have some of the above options available, but we can also add some others. Yes, for whatever reason, we want to reinstall the system (Or upgrade) and not lose everything we have added in this regard, it is best to always make a backup. Each option is saved in a route, which are as follows:

  • Applets are saved in the folder /home/*our_user*/.local/share/cinnamon/applets if only one user is using it or / Usr / share / cinnamon / applets if the applet is installed stop any user. Those on the second route are usually the ones that come installed by default, so at first you don’t need to make this backup. What happens is that when upgrading to a higher version we may find that they have stopped supporting a widget that came in handy and it is always better to prevent than cure.
  • Extensions are saved in the folder /home/*our_user*/.local/cinnamon/extensions for a user or / Usr / share / cinnamon / extensions if it affects all users. The same thing I said about applets applies to extensions.
  • Desklets are saved in the folder /home/*our_user*/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets if they only affect one user and usr / share / cinnamon / desklets if it affects the entire operating system. I don’t need to back up the second route either, but I say the same thing I said with applets and extensions.

Please note that folders that have a period in front, such as the “.local” of the previous routes, are hidden folders, so we will have to show the hidden files in order to access them.

Now you no longer have an excuse not to return applets, extensions and declets to your operating system with Cinnamon environment after installing from 0, right?


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