Battery Monitor offers battery notifications in Ubuntu

Many times, when my PC battery is running low with Ubuntu, I find out because I myself look at the right side of the top bar and see that it is red. Ubuntu only show a notification when it has very little battery left and sometimes I would like to be notified sooner or of some other battery related issue. battery Monitor is a small application developed in Python that will notify us of virtually any event related to the battery of our PC with Ubuntu.

Battery Monitor does not add any icons to the top bar, as with what Ubuntu already includes would be a redundant thing. Instead, the only thing it will do will be display battery event notifications, Native Ubuntu notifications, such as Discharging / Charging when we disconnect / plug the power cord or a warning when the battery is 100% charged. In addition, the visual notification will also be accompanied by a sound, but only in some of these warnings.

How to install Battery Monitor on Ubuntu (14.04+)

Downloading and installing Battery Monitor is very simple. All we have to do is:

  1. Download the .deb package from the link below:download
  2. If it does not open automatically at the end of the download, we double-click on the downloaded file. Personally, since I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.1 the Ubuntu Software Center is not working very well for me, so I have installed the GDebi package installer.
  3. We install the dependencies with the following command:
    sudo apt install python3 python3-gi libnotify-dev acpi
  1. It is still automatically added to startup applications, after installing Battery Monitor we will have to run it manually (or log out and log in again).

And that would be all. Now we can only wait for something to happen related to the battery, which will no longer catch us by surprise.

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