Canonical has no plans to bring convergence to the Meizu MX4

One of the highlights that Canonical will offer in 2016 is the convergence of Ubuntu. This long-awaited convergence will allow us to connect 1 Ubuntu Phone to a mouse, keyboard and screen and use it as a desktop computer, which sounds great. But will all Ubuntu Touch phones and tablets be able to take advantage of this feature? Well it seems not, since they have no plans to bring this convergence to the Meizu MX4.

The Meizu MX4 has no hardware-level HDMI or MHL connection available. The only option to be able to use the MX4 as a desktop computer taking advantage of convergence would be to use technologies such as Miracast which allow you to connect a phone to a larger screen via Wi-Fi. Ubuntu developers are already working to get the Meizu Pro 5 to make use of this technology, but the MX4 has been left parked for the time being. Canonical reports that “he has no plans»To add wireless display functionality to the Meizu MX4.

Will the Meizu MX4 be able to take advantage of convergence?

Canonical information arrives in response form to a Meizu MX4 owner who asked if this type of convergence is being developed to add it in the future to the MX4. John MacAleely replied:

Unfortunately, we have no plans at this time, like Canonical, to offer wireless display support for the MX4. Right now, our prototype requires an Android 5 BSP and we don’t have one of these for the MX4.

The Meizu MX4 has 2GB of RAM and an eight-core ARM processor, so it would be a real shame if I couldn’t take advantage of Ubuntu’s convergence. Your hardware is more than solvent to do this. Also, you can switch to a desktop mode with windows if you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

In any case, not having plans at this time does not mean that they have closed the door permanently. Simon Fels of Canonical says that “helping to bring the MediaCodecSource to an Android 4.x tree is the first step»To enable wireless display capabilities on the MX4, something the community could do. We’ll see what finally happens. I think in the end it will be possible.


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