Find out what computer you have with inxi in Ubuntu

Surely one of the things that many novice users who come from Windows miss is the screen with computer information, which allows us see at a glance the specifications of our team and what things the operating system recognizes.

This is easy to know thanks to the commands that GNU / Linux has and that we can use in Ubuntu, although we can only know partial information. But there is only one that reports almost all of the team’s information. This command is called inxi.

Inxi will let us know if our computer is 64-bit or not

Inxi is a command that we find in the latest version of Ubuntu and that shows us all the specifications of the computer, from the processor socket to the operating system kernel which we are using going through the open processors running the operating system. We go almost everything.

In Ubuntu 16.04 we can run it directly, we just have to write the word inxi in the terminal and press enter. But in other versions, the order is not available, we have to install it. To do this we open a terminal and write:

sudo apt-get install inxi

Once finished, we have the inxi command ready to work. The best thing about this order is that through parameters we can expand its functions or shell out the information we need. Thus writing:

  • inxi -t cm : We will know the information of the resources consumed.
  • inxi -v 7 : We extract all the information from the computer.
  • inxi -l : Shows us the partition information.
  • inxi -G : Shows us the information on the graphics card.
  • inxi -C : Informs us of all the information of the processor.

There are more parameters and functions that we can know thanks to the man command. However with these elements and with the simple order, we will be able to know all the information of our equipment of exhaustive and fast way, without needing that our equipment hangs as it happens in other operating systems.


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