How do I know if my computer supports Ubuntu?

Although many of us nowadays usually buy a generic or part-built computer, the majority of equipment purchases are still branded. Unfortunately computers with Ubuntu are not distributed by default and of course we are not given the option to choose operating system. That’s why many of you have the question How do I know if my computer supports Ubuntu? A good question that the Ubuntu guys are helping to solve.

For several months Ubuntu has closed a page where we can search for our computer and find out if Ubuntu is compatible or not. You can find this website here and it’s pretty up to date as we find devices like the Intel Compute Stick that still don’t sell worldwide. It’s a great guide to know if our computer really supports Ubuntu or not. And if so, which version is compatible with that.

What if my computer is built to pieces as I know if it supports Ubuntu?

The Free Software Foundation has long launched one web with a database of the vast majority of components that we can consult and know if it is compatible or not with GNU / Linux and by extension with Ubuntu. The best thing about Ubuntu is that it not only supports GNU / Linux compatible drivers and components but also supports proprietary drivers and software so the range of compatibility is expanded. However, it is good to consult this database because it can help us choose the ideal component when building our computer and even help us in case of any problems with the hardware or with the updates.


If you are unfamiliar with these web pages, save them in your bookmarks as I think they are of vital interest, at least when working with hardware and facilities. Although Ubuntu is very open and compatible, it is impossible to know the whole list of components and computers compatible with Ubuntu. For this reason say add it to bookmarks, it is a tool that we can spend time without consulting but it may also be the information that saves your life What do you believe? Did you know these pages?


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