How to change the color and background image of the Grub

Personally, I have to admit that it is very difficult for me to stay still using a version of Ubuntu. There are so many versions with images so different that in two months I can go from using Ubuntu to Ubuntu MAT, from MATE to Elemementary OS and back to Ubuntu standard, no, for a change. In other operating systems we can not change certain things, but in Ubuntu we can change everything as, for example, edit the color and background image of the Grub, That is, from the system startup.

Of course, before I start providing all the information, I would like to mention the usual, which is necessary be careful with what we touch because to edit Grub we will make changes that are not dangerous but if we are not careful, we can annoy the Grub and we can not restart the system (unless we fix it). If, in spite of everything, you want to change the background image of the Grub and its colors, Just keep reading.

Changing the background image and colors of Grub

  1. We open a terminal and write the following:
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
  • We’ll see something similar to this capture:

Edit Grub2 options

  1. From the previous file, we modify the values ​​we prefer:
    • GRUB_TIMEOUT sets the timeout in seconds.
    • If we want to change the colors, we have to add below the line that puts GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX. For example, we can add:
  1. If we want to change the background image, we have to do it by adding something like this:
  1. In order for the images to appear, we will first need to install the package grub2-splashimage, So we open a terminal and write:
sudo apt install grub2-splashimages
  1. And for all changes to be made, in the terminal we write:
sudo update-grub

And that’s it. Now, when we turn on the computer we will no longer see the classic white text over purple. Did you change the colors or background image of the Grub? What did you put on?


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