How to create and read QR codes on your PC with Ubuntu

Since the advent of Smartphones, QR codes are increasingly present in our lives. This type of code had been circulating for a much longer time, but it didn’t become that famous until then. Sometimes we may want to encrypt a text and a good way is by creating a QR code. Of course, it will not be a secret, as anyone with a compatible reader can read it. In this article we will show you how to create and read QR codes in Ubuntu with GQRCode.

How to install GQRCode

While it’s not the method I like best, I can’t say I dislike it too much either. It is about installing the package from the .deb file, which is very simple and fast, especially if we have the package located. To install GQRCode we only need to perform the following steps:

  1. We open any web browser
  2. We click on THIS LINK, Which will download the .deb package to our computer.
  3. Then we double click on the downloaded package to open it. It will open for us at the Software Center.


  1. Finally, we click on Install and enter our password.

How to create and read QR codes with GQRCode

Create QR code

  1. We open GQRCode (Doh!). We will see a window like the following:



  1. In the box to the right of the text that says “September text to encode” we will write what we want to encrypt.
  2. Then we click on “Encode”. You will see a window like the following.


  1. And we would already have it. Or, almost. If we want to save it, which is why we created it, we have to click on “Save as …”.
  2. We choose where to store it and now yes, we already have it.

Decrypt QR codes

Decrypting QR codes with GQRCode is just as easy as creating them. We will do this by following these steps:

  1. We open GQRCode.
  2. We choose the Decode tab and we will see a window like the following.


  1. Click on “Load qrcode image”.
  2. Finally, we click on “Decode”. Best of all, for example, I read the header image of this tutorial, so you can decrypt any QR code.

What do you think of this little tool called GQRCode?

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