How to have widgets in our Ubuntu

Although many of you may think that we are talking about mobile terminals, the truth is that widgets were long before in the desktop world than in the mobile world. If you used Windows Vista it will probably sound like you but it was not Microsoft the first to use widgets on the desktop but GNU / Linux and Apple already incorporated it some time ago.

In Ubuntu we can have it easily and simply. The way to achieve this is via screensets or gDesklets, Widgets that are written in Python and work lightly so that our desktop has more features than it should.Long ago there were several types of widgets, they responded to the name of supercaravan, adesklets, gDesklets and screenlets. Of all these, Superkaramba belongs to the KDE desktop, so in Ubuntu it used to be difficult to use and to do so, it required a lot of computer resources although in Kubuntu it is ideal. Adesklets is a fairly popular lightweight option in the past but one that fell into oblivion and stopped developing. While it can still be installed, the truth is that it can cause security flaws.

GDesklets and screenlets are available in Ubuntu 16.04

GDesklets and screenlets are the most current options that exist and also more functional than the old adesklets. The installation of any of these systems can be done through the Ubuntu Software Center or via the console using the command «sudo apt-get install«. Once any of these systems have been installed, in accessories we will find the application that will open a window where we will select the widgets we want to upload to our desktop. Also in both systems we will find links to download as many features as we want in addition to the fact that there are official guides on the Internet to be able to create our own widgets and improve the functions of our desktop.

There is a third way to get widgets on our desktop but only graphically, this is achieved with Conky, a system that we have here before, but only works as a viewer.

I have personally used and use widgets on my desktop, a quick and easy way to have them the main features of Ubuntu at the click of a button. And even if they are not very current programs, the truth is that they work Have you tried them yet?

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