How to install the old Ubuntu menu on Unity

There are many users who still miss the classic Ubuntu desktop, that is, Gnome 2.X, a desktop that many liked due to, among other things, its top bar where we found not only the clock but also others items such as the menu. This we can fix because of the ClassicMenu AppIndicator, an appindicator that will allow us to use the traditional Gnome menu in our Unity. We just have to install it and then move it according to our tastes, so that we can recreate the old Ubuntu desktop.

ClassicMenu Indicator is a applet that is written in Python3 which makes it a lightweight and functional applet in the latest versions, compatible with the latest versions of Unity and many other distributions such as Ubuntu Gnome.

How to install Classicmenú on your Ubuntu to get another menu

To be able to install ClassicMenu we have to go to the developer’s website or we use the enabled repository, so last we open a terminal and write the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diesch/testing

sudo apt-get update && upgrade

sudo apt-get install classicmenu-indicator

Once we have installed the applet, we must insert it in the Unit bar and we can move it like any other Unit applet. Of course this Classicmenu is an interesting applet not only for recreate a nostalgic look but also to customize the operating system and make it lighter or lighter without losing functionality because of it.

If you are nostalgic for GNOME 2.X this applet is important and should be on your operating systems, but it is not available for all versions of Ubuntu, that is, in an older version than Ubuntu 14.04, ClassicMenu will work with some problem or its operation is not very assured. Still there are many other methods and ways to get the classic look of Gnome 2.X such as installing Ubuntu MAT.

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