How to Resize Block Photos in Ubuntu

Surely many of you have already had it resize photos and you’ve done it 1-1With the consequent expenditure of time, an arduous task that many administrators have to do more than once a month and may not be the only ones.

Ubuntu has long offered the possibility of to be able to carry out this task with a simple command and with the consequent saving of time. Just know the exact order, mark the resolution and select the bulk photos we want to resize.

ImageMagick will allow us to resize photos in our Ubuntu

To perform this task, the Ubuntu user needs ImageMagick, A software that normally comes installed in Ubuntu but it would not be bad to check if we have it or not before installing it. Once this check is done we go to a terminal and in the terminal we go to the folder where the images we want to resize are. We can also go to the folder graphically and open a terminal in the folder. Once we have done this, we need to type the following command to resize photos:

mogrify -resize 800 *.jpg

Thus, all photos in the folder will be resized to 800 pixels. The figure can be changed to our liking, but the rest of the order remains. if we want resize photos to a certain size, then we will write the following:

mogrify -resize 800x600! *.jpg

In any case, this order only resize images with the jpg extension, So that the images in png format or with another graphic format will not be resized, for this it will be necessary to change the extension of the format. In any case, with this command we will only have to wait while our Ubuntu performs the function of resizing bulk photos, something practical and useful for many Ubuntu users who work daily with images.

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