How to restore session on Unity after restarting Ubuntu

Firefox on Unity

One of the cool features that Mac OS has and Ubuntu doesn’t have is the ability to restore the last session after turning on the computer. This feature is in Mac OS and is very useful as you can turn off the computer and when you turn it on again, the user can find the desktop like he had before. This form of session restore can also be obtained in Unity, All you need to do is install a script and you’re done.

This script was created by the developer Arnon Weinberg and at the moment it does a basic operation. This means that the script can only run applications and open windows but is not able to restore services in the background of the system or some duplicate applications, ie two file windows will not be able to open.

Script installation on Unity

In order to install this Arnnon Weinberg script you need to open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get install perl x11-utils wmctrl xdotool
wget -O /tmp/session
sudo install /tmp/session /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/session

Once we have installed it we save the session with the order session save and we restore it with the command session restore, Commands that we should use with the Login and Start application or Ubuntu Startup Applications. So every time we close the system the session will be saved and when we start it, in addition to starting Dropbox or sound, the last session saved in Unity will also be restored.

Conclusion on session restoration

The truth is that the script is still green, something green but the result is interesting and in a few months it could be a great alternative to those who want to restore the session and especially for the developers of Elementary OS, the fork of Ubuntu that seeks to look like Mac OS and is slowly achieving it, although we can always choose to get a unique customization of Unity and leave a little next to the famous Mac OS.

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