How to run multiple Conky scripts at the same time

Few of our readers will know what it is Conky and what it is for. this one popular monitoring application includes a desktop dock that allows us to view the status of our computer and have all the information as close as possible. Through the following tutorial we leave you, you can configure different scripts with which to view different configurations and, therefore, a greater amount of information.

Conky is an application that has very good acceptance within the Linux community. At a glance we can have information about the temperature of our processor, the amount of available disk space, Wi-Fi signal quality, or RAM usage. Its widget has many themes with which to customize the appearance of our desktop and is, in short, one of the applications that every user should have on your system.

With hundreds of different configurations and lots of themes, Conky is one of the most versatile applications for X systems. From monitoring simple tasks to the ability to show us the system resources or time of our city, the biggest difficulty this application presents is that it integrates properly with the appearance of the our wallpaper image. Now, what happens when we want to run more than one instance of Conky at a time?

if you want run multiple instances of this application without having to deal with the file.conkyrc, You may prefer to create multiple configuration files such as .conkyrc1 or .conkyrc2 and then run an initial script that fits your preferences. The script code you will need to use to locate your Conky configuration files is as follows:

#!/bin/sh sleep 5 
conky -q -c /home/YOURUSERNAME/.conky/conky1/conkyrc1 & 
conky -q -c /home/YOURUSERNAME/.conky/conky2/conkyrc2 & exit

Remember to save this code and assign it the necessary permissions to run it on boot.

start-up applications

To have all your themes loaded at startup, You can add the script you just created within the startup applications in Startup applications> Add> script path.

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