How to set up a menu in Openbox with Obmenu

I recently told you about the benefits of installing and using a lightweight window manager on our Ubuntu. I told you about how to install and use it, in this case it was Openbox. The choice of Openbox it was based more on his support than on his lightness, which he does have. Openbox has been chosen as the default window manager for the LXDE desktop so it has extensive and very good documentation. Today I am going to show you how modify, create or alter the menu in Openbox.

Creating a menu with Obmenu

If you remember from the previous post, when we installed Openbox, We also installed obconf and obmenu, The latter to graphically edit the menu. So we opened the menu by right-clicking and opening the terminal, in which case it says “Emulator terminal«. Now we write the following

its obmenu

This opens a screen like this:

How to set up a menu in Openbox

This is the program Obmenu which allows us to configure, change or create our own menus in Openbox. To create a new menu entry, check the top entry where we want the menu to appear. Once marked, press the button «new Item»And we will see a new entry called«new Item»That we can modify with the lower options. The first thing we can do is change «new Item»Per«applications»Or something like that, it’s more personal. Once this is done, we repeat the previous one to have another item but below within this new menu. This item will be an application, for example Gimp and under the tab «Run»We look for the address where it is located the Gimp bin file. Once all this is set up, press «control»+«S»To save our modification and close it. Changes can also be made by opening the file menu.xml which is in the folder .config / OPENBOX / menu.xml. We can modify and create as many menus as we want, and we can also use scripts or menu entries that open certain folders such as «My Documents»O«My Images«(Is it familiar to you?). This would be the option to «Pipemenu»Which is in the top menu called«Add«.

Many of you have seen very cool GNU / Linux or Ubuntu desktops with original menus that are very different from yours. Well this is a good first step to achieving something similar. What do you say Do you dare?

More Information – How to install Openbox on Ubuntu to lighten our system,


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