How to transfer a DVD to MP4 on your PC with Ubuntu

Ever since I used it Ubuntu for the first time, i have always thought that linux is the best. I must confess that for several years I also use Mac, but not because it was better than Ubuntu, but because the audio editing programs in Linux are not nearly as intuitive as those of Mac, a system that only taking it out of the box includes GarageBand which, without being a professional program, meets what I need. Linux can do pretty much the same thing, but giving some funnels. Today we will show you how to convert a DVD to MP4. Although, before continuing, I would like to explain that I have Ubuntu on my 15 “laptop and Lubuntu on my 10”.

The good and bad of DVDs is that the videos are separate. It’s good because it’s the best way for menus to work properly, but it’s bad if we want to move its contents to a single file so we can play it in any program. So the first thing we need to do is find the .VOB files that, except for unlikely surprise, will be in the folder VIDEO_TS. Here are the steps to join and convert all these files into a single MP4.

How to Convert a DVD to MP4

  1. To make things easier, we copy the contents of this folder to an accessible location. In this case we will use the desktop.
  2. To join them, we will use a command that uses the cat program. This program is available on most GNU / Linux distributions. We go to the folder where we left the .VOB files, open a terminal and write the following:
cat *.VOB > movie.vob


  1. Next will be to convert the file to MP4. For that, a pretty good program is HandBrake. So, if we don’t have it installed, we install it. We open a terminal and write:
sudo apt-get install handbrake



  1. How could it be otherwise, the next step is to open HandBrake.
  2. We click on Origin.


  1. We select the movie.vob file we created in step 2.
  2. We choose the format. Here we can choose what we prefer, but as in this tutorial we are talking about MP4, we select MPEG-4 (formatted).
  3. We click to finish and wait. Video conversion is usually a long process. Since we are talking about a DVD, converting the whole movie can take as long as the movie itself lasts, so be patient.

And we would already have it. We can now play it on any computer, whether or not it has a DVD player, or a mobile device. Of course, I did not want to say goodbye without saying that in Ubunlog we do not support piracy. This tutorial is for backing up your own content.

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