How to transfer files between Ubuntu and Android

If there is one downside to Linux operating systems it is their low compatibility. I’ve always said and will always say that Ubuntu is the best operating system I’ve ever used, but it’s also no secret that my mainframe operating system uses OS X. Why? Because it is easier to use. In Linux everything is harder, though transfer files between Ubuntu and Android it shouldn’t be, and in fact it isn’t if we use Nautilus-ShareFTP.

Nautilus-ShareFTP is an add-on or add-on for Nautilus (the window manager) that will allow us to access any Ubuntu directory via FTP. This will allow us to upload and download files to / from our computer to / from our phone with Android operating system. The process is very simple and you have it explained below.

How to transfer files between Ubuntu and Android with Nautilus-ShareFTP

The first thing we have to do, of course, is to install the add-on. We will do this as follows.

  1. If we didn’t have it, we installed the opening a terminal and typing the following:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/nautilus-extensions
  1. We update the sources with the order:
sudo apt-get update
  1. And finally, we install the add-on:
sudo apt-get install nautilus-shareftp

How to use Nautilus-ShareFTP

Now that we have it installed, we need to configure it.

  1. Once the application is launched, go to the menu and select it configuration option.
  2. a la User tab we will have to add a username (User name) and a password (Password).
  3. Then we access the Server tab, Where we can see the IP address and other parameters, such as port, maximum number of connections, and maximum number of connections per IP. What really matters to us is the IP address. The application can not be modified, but it helps us to know in which direction to connect from our Android device.
  4. The next step is, when we want to share a folder, choose from the context menu the option “Share” or “Share”.
  5. Finally, from our Android device, open any browser, enter the IP we saw in step 2, and when connected, add the name and user we used in step 1.

How easy is that? Linux-based operating systems are the fastest, most stable, and most reliable, but you need to know how to do things. With this tutorial, transferring files between Ubuntu and Android will no longer be a problem.


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