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Chromium is the free version of the Google Chrome browser; this is the browser on which Google based its code. Currently the two browsers share many elements, although there are some small differences.

Install Chromium a Kubuntu 12.04 -or Ubuntu, or any of the distributions in the family- is super simple thanks to the fact that the browser is in the official repositories of the distribution. We then try first by installing graphically using the package manager of muon.


Press Alt + F2 and type “muon package manager”. Select the option for the manager, not for updates.

Chromium Kubuntu

Now look for Chromium and mark to install.

Chromium Kubuntu

You will be notified of the dependencies, in this case the language pack and of the of codecs to be able to play multimedia content.

Accept the changes.

Chromium Kubuntu

You can preview the changes that will be made to the system if you wish. Then just click Apply changes. You will be prompted for the password, enter it and then the installation will begin.

Chromium Kubuntu

From the console

Open a console and type the command:

Chromium Kubuntu

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Enter the password. You will then be notified of the dependencies. Press the “S” key to accept the changes and the installation will begin.

Chromium Kubuntu

Now just press Alt + F2 and type “chromium” to launch the application.

Chromium Kubuntu

More information – Install Opera 12.02 on Ubuntu 12.04

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