Internet Explorer: How to install versions 9, 8, 7 and 6 on Linux

the web developers and designers they have to test their code in all possible browsers, and this includes – unfortunately – the different versions of Internet Explorer.

An easy way to install the latest browser versions from the Redmond company in Linux is using the script written by Greg Thornton. It should be clarified that this is an installation in VirtualBox, so we will need to have the virtualization software installed and configured before using the script. Of course, thanks to the script we will be able to install the different versions of the browser without having to buy a license of the operating system in which they run because they are trial versions, not to mention that makes this an extremely simple task.

Note: A disadvantage that may cause many to think twice before using the script is that the installation size (Of the 4 versions of the browser) is roughly not inconsiderable 50GB.


Before running the script we need to make sure we have cURL and Unrar installed, as well as VirtualBox. If they are already on our machine then simply enter the command into a console:

curl -s | bash

If we do not want to install all versions of IE we can specify which versions are the ones that do. To install versions 8 and 9 now we need to use:

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="8 9" bash

Once the script finishes its work – which can take several hours depending on our connection speed – we will have to install the added VirtualBox Guest Additions for the virtual machines to work properly. When we have everything configured correctly it will be enough to choose the virtual machine (IE version) that we want to run and start it.

Every 30 days we will have to return the virtual machine to its initial state, which is very simple thanks to the snapshot that is created automatically after installation.

More information – Install VirtualBox 4.2 on Ubuntu 12.04
font – IEVMS
via – IT Diary

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