ISO images of Ubuntu and other distros will exceed 2 GB

Last week, my brother attended an event and brought me a 2GB USB that was part of the marketing. At first I thought “And why do I want this?”, But I soon realized that it is the perfect size to create Live USB with which I try the news that include the latest versions of an operating system or create some tutorials . When I haven’t used it even twice, Ubuntu developer Steve Langasek has increased the limit of images of the desktop version from Ubuntu to 2GB.

The bad thing about me being able to keep using my little brother’s gift is that even if it’s 2GB, the maximum I can store is 1.91GB, so if I’m lucky, it’ll be right on the edge. And this will not only happen to me with the standard version of Ubuntu, but other flavors of Ubuntu, like the Ubuntu MAT or Kubuntu that I like so much, will also increase its limit to 2GB.

2GB is the new weight limit for Ubuntu ISO images

Langasek has increased this limit to 2GB so they can host current images, Which are oversized, and so that there is still space available in case it is needed for a future increase in operating system weight. Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu and Ubuntu MAT have been three of the distributions that have requested that the maximum size of ISO images be increased to 2GB. On the other hand, Ubuntu Studio wants the maximum size for its ISO image to be increased to 4GB, which is understandable if we consider that it includes many audiovisual editing programs.

At first, increasing the minimum size of ISO images may seem like a negative thing if we think they will include too much software, which is known as bloatware, but it can also be a positive thing because it can include support for more hardware. What do you think?

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