It emulates Playstation 2 games with the new version of PCSX2

PCSX2 is a project that started no more and no less than 14 years, how PlayStation 2 emulator which had come out a while ago, at that time, a couple of years ago. All this time they have been making all sorts of improvements, always focusing on the speed of execution of the games. From 2007 onwards, notable advances in this direction began to be noticed, and from this turning point the improvements have been growing.

In this post we will teach Ubunlog readers the main ones features of this emulator and how we can install in our Ubuntu. So if you’re one of those who thinks the PS2 has been one of Sony’s best inventions in the world of consoles, this is your entry. Let’s start.

If you are wondering what makes this emulator a solid and optimal emulator, then you can read its most notable features.

  • possibility of save status of the game at any time by clicking.
  • Unlimited number of Memory Cards with also “unlimited” memory. Uff … How many of us would have liked it to have been on the original console …
  • Higher graphics definition. With PCSX2 we can run games in 1080p, in 4K, Or at the resolution we want up to a maximum of 4096 × 4096. Also, thanks to its antialiasing techniques, the games it emulates will look even better than the HD remakes themselves.
  • Possibility to use any compatible command with our PC (PS3, Xbox360 …).
  • Increases or decreases the speed of the game thanks to a built-in frame limiter. You can basically tell the emulator the maximum number of frames that are played per second.
  • possibility of record our games in Full HD thanks to the built-in recorder (pressing F12 having installed the GSdx plugin).
  • Complex compilers for Close Emotion (EE), Vector Unit 0 (VU0) i Vector Unit 1 (VU1). These compilers are used to compile some parts of the PS2 virtual machine into the machine language of our CPU.
  • possibility of use up to 3 CPUs causing the speed of the emulator to increase markedly.
  • Full support for the Dual Shock 2 gamepad (PS2 remote control), which makes it possible to emulate each and every one of its features.
  • Very dynamic system to create cheats easily, which can also be used to skip-code where emulation does not work.

To install the emulator, we must first add the corresponding repositories, update repositories and then proceed with the installation. We can do this by running the following commands in the terminal:

its add-apt-repository ppa: gregory-Hainaut / pcsx2.official.ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install PCSX2

If we are looking for the PCSX2 application, it should be ready to run. In the first run of the program, you will be asked for a couple of steps to prepare the program.

Capture from 2016.01.13 15:31:59

In the first steps of the emulator, you will be asked to we select the directory where the BIOS is located and the games we are going to emulate. Please note that sharing a PS2 BIOS is illegal, so we can’t leave you a link where you can download the corresponding .bin. Still, we know how easily we can find a BIOS on the internet.

Well, once we have legally gotten our BIOS we need to tell PCSX2 where this folder in which we have the BIOS is. Then select the corresponding Bios, as shown in the following image.

Capture from 2016.01.13 15:41:01

If we click finish, PCSX2 will be ready to start emulating any game.

We hope this emulator helps you remember the good times the PS2 gave, but now with many more improvements in graphics. If you have any questions about installing or using the program, leave it in the comments section and at Ubunlog we will be happy to help.

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