Laptop Mode Tools, a tool for the battery of our laptop

With the Christmas holidays past and entering the sales season, many of us will have a new laptop and others simply need to improve what they have, so I found it interesting to pick up this article on Laptop Mode Tools a package of tools that modifies our system in such a way that it can extend, improve or preserve the state of our battery with the least possible expense.

The operation of Laptop Mode Tools is simple, its operation is equivalent to a script but which also interferes with the system kernel files so the system modifies it completely to suit battery consumption and usage. Up to version 1.64 Laptop Mode Tools it didn’t have a graphical version so I had to be a real expert to be able to modify it Laptop Mode Tolls without loading the system. currently Laptop Mode Tools It has a graphical interface that while not the most beautiful there is, it is an improvement over the previous one. The interface is written in Python and although the language is still that of Shakespeare, It is friendlier than the previous terminal.

Installing Laptop Mode Tools on Ubuntu

currently Laptop Mode Tools it is not in the official Ubuntu repositories, so we will have to install this package through the terminal. So we opened the terminal and wrote:

its add-apt-repository ppa: webupd8team / unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools

Once the installation is complete we will need to run the program for it to start working. To do this we must open another terminal or continue where we are because the system menu does not create an entry for Linux Mode Tools how can you do that for Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice or another application, So we write

gksu lmt-config-gui

And it will run Laptop Mode Tools with all the tools and options needed to improve the battery performance of our laptop. Remember that Linux Mode Tools has been compiled by the guys at Webupd8 and have done so for versions equal to or higher than Ubuntu 12.04, ‘Don’t try with previous versions !!


More Information – Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu, How to check the status of our battery in Ubuntu

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