Lighten Chrome with these simple tricks

It’s nothing new that Google’s famous browser has become a complete resource eater, so much so that for many it’s a hassle to use it as for laptop users or those who have no more than 6 gb of ram memory.

Although Ubuntu handles memory well enough, it is true that it does not escape this eater. Many use Chrome or Chromium to give it new functionality is UbuntuBut that doesn’t mean they have to sell their computer or battery to this browser. so with these tricks, we can quickly improve and / or alleviate this overload.

These tips will make Google Chrome lighter

  • A single tab. The more tabs we open, the more consumption there is, so it’s easy, otherwise using this tab closes. There are many plugins that help us in this task although I prefer to do it manually, closing the tab.
  • Disable ghost functions. Google Chrome allows us to run extra features through plugins or add-ons, because it’s time to remove them, so we can go to advanced settings and uninstall add-ons we do not need. In advanced options we will find a tab to run applications in the background, a tab that must be disabled as this allows them to continue working once closed.
  • Increases privacy. Sometimes low levels of privacy make us free access to many features that consume resources, one of them is Autoplay that activates the playback of sound and video without asking permission, this consumes and if we increase security consumption will be lower . So we go to Privacy → Content Settings and look for “Add-ons”, there we checked the “Select to run” option with which we prohibit automatic playback.
  • A good reset in time. If we see that with all this is still heavy, it is best to reset and thus clean up or fix the problem.

These tips will make our Chrome consume less, something ideal but if we still did not get the best option is to change browser, return to Mozilla Firefox or give a second chance to the Ubuntu browser, something that could be interesting don’t you think?

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