Logic Supply introduces Cincoze, its new fanless computer with Ubuntu

These days Logic Supply has introduced a new minicomputer powered by Ubuntu but has no fan. the famous Cincoze is a team that has no fans in its cooling which makes it noiseless and more offers the ability to use Ubuntu or install Windows if desired.

The Logic Supply team offers great benefits despite not having its traditional fan but in return we have to shell out a lot of money, Toll that must endure if we want a powerful team with small measures.

The processor of Logic Supply Cincoze is Intel Atom at 1.46 Ghz, Accompanied by 2 Gb of ram, 1 Tb of hard disk, wifi, two ethernet ports, 3 USB ports, A microphone output and an audio output, in addition to the corresponding sockets of a computer.

Minicomputers such as Logic Supply’s Cincoze appear more often with Ubuntu

The computer comes equipped with Ubuntu we can still change operating system, moreover, you can make the settings you want without altering the external appearance of Cincoze. This external aspect is limited to a small structure with dimensions of 150 x 56.02 x 105 mm. Very small dimensions that will make it an ideal equipment for offices and other places where space is important. Unfortunately Logic Supply Cincoze suffers in its price. The basic configuration has an approximate cost of 600 euros, A very high price for those looking for a computer with basic functions.

It seems that more and more users prefer it opt for small teams that for desktop or laptop computers, this is making more and more Ubuntu minicomputers appear on the market. Still I think this equipment is quite expensive. If we have a small computer with a lot of power, but for half the money we can set up a cluster with Ubuntu Server and have a more optimized and powerful computer. There are alternatives, but of course the quick, reliable and durable option can be this Cincoze Logic Supply Don’t you believe?

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