Melé PCG02U, a new stick for Ubuntu

More and more products are appearing on the market with Ubuntu, a good sign that Canonical’s operating system is succeeding beyond geeks. One of these new products it is called Melé PCG02U, A stick-pc that offers a totally different Ubuntu experience.

The stickpc in question comes equipped with an Intel BayTrail processor at 1.83 Ghz. This processor comes with 2 Gb of branch and 32 Gb of internal storage. Next to the HDMI 2.0 output, the Melé PCG02U has Wifi connection, an ethernet port, an output for microSD cards and a USB port. In addition Melé PCG02U has an antenna to improve the wireless reception of the device.

The device has a price of $ 70, A price that includes neither accessories nor the monitor. Something to keep in mind when buying equipment such as PC sticks. Melé PCG02U comes equipped with Ubuntu 14.04, An older version of Ubuntu LTS that can be upgraded although many recommend using the Ian Morrison version, a version optimized for such devices.

Melé PCG02U has even the iconic color of Ubuntu

Stickspc like Melé PCG02U are quite popular among Ubuntu. Next to this device we find similar models as the latest released by Intel or this melee. Devices that are ideal for certain tasks such as office automation or web browsing. What’s more, I think a device like Melé PCG02U with 2GB of ram is ideal for many common tasks that can be done on desktop computersTo do this, simply change the desktop and use lighter applications.

Personally I think stickspc are an ideal alternative for people who do not want a very powerful computer and they want to spend little money. In this regard Melé PCG02U offers an interesting solution that goes through Ubuntu LTS, but surely more than one will continue to opt for traditional desktop computers, computers a little more powerful than Melé PCG02U Don’t you believe?

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