Mycroft, artificial intelligence thanks to Snappy Ubuntu Core

In general we always talk about software when we talk about Ubuntu, but like it or not, every time Ubuntu and Canonical are more into hardware than software. Perhaps the newest is Mycroft, the very curious and attractive gadget that while it has nothing to do with Canonical or the official development of Ubuntu, if it has to do with the operating system. Mycroft is an artificial intelligence unit that connects to the Internet of Things and uses Ubuntu Core as an irritable base.

Mycroft is built with Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino, which makes it next to Ubuntu, Mycrosft a very versatile platform. But Mycroft won’t make us run our games or surf the internet or yes. Surely many of you remember how in movies, the houses of the future or spaceships have an intelligence device with which one communicates and that device performs the actions we ask for. More or less this is Mycroft.

Mycroft will connect to all the devices we want and unify them into a single network to fulfill our orders. So if we want to watch a Youtube video, we can request it by voice and Mycroft will connect to Chromecast to search and show what we have requested. Mycroft in addition to microphones also has speakers so we can ask you to search for something on Spotify or Pandora and play it.

Mycroft is an AI unit that uses irritable Ubuntu Core and Free hardware to run

Mycroft also connects with smart lights and Smart-TVs so we can watch the movies we want or just change the atmosphere of our home. All this thanks to Snappy Ubuntu Core and the developments that have been created on this young platform.

Unfortunately we will not be able to get this device until mid-2016 as the company has no funding and they are looking into crowdfunding a way to get money to distribute it, but since Free technology is used, I think with or without funding, the idea of ​​Mycroft will go ahead. Also, if now Mycroft has enough use and very interesting, in mid-2016 its use will be even greater, with interesting expectations, of course, as long as Mycroft’s intelligence does not go crazy and end up keeping us all as happens in the movies. But something tells me that Mycroft is a little better than the AI ​​of the movies What do you think?

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