Nautilus: How to disable the list of recent documents

Nautilus offers one by default list of recently accessed documents, Which is extremely useful under what circumstances. The bad thing is that this list cannot be erased, at least not in a simple way, which puts our privacy.

Luckily the list of recent documents can be disabled, Although you will need to manually edit a configuration file. It has what it takes not to fill the user with options.

To deactivate the list of recently opened documents we need to edit the file settings.ini located on the route:


We can do this using GNU nano running:

sudo nano $HOME/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

And adding -or editing in its absence- below the section [Settings] the lines:


After saving the document (Ctrl + O), it would look like this:


With this we order that no file be saved in the list. For the changes to take effect we will have to log out and log back in.

If we do not want to disable the option but simply regularly delete recently accessed files we can then make use of BleachBit, application with which we can also delete other unnecessary things to free up some space in our system.

More information – BleachBit, frees up space on your hard drive
font – Web Upd8

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