New controversy over Ubuntu; now the web browser icon

A famous character said that the important thing is to talk about one even if it is wrong. I do not know if it will be true but in the Ubuntu Project is what is happening. it seems like Ubuntu does not get rid of controversy even if it does things right. In recent days a tough one has emerged controversy over Ubuntu web browser icon. An icon reminiscent of another from a private label, yes, I’m actually talking about Safari. And which many have complained about its similarity and little personalization.

The Ubuntu browser icon has changes so as not to infringe on patents

The truth is that Apple registered the Safari icon and all its designs, So Ubuntu’s web browser doesn’t really look like this but has several changes. It is true that the Ubuntu browser icon has a world map and the compass needle, but its colors are different, although at first glance it does not look like it and the direction of the needle changes substantially to avoid patents and legal issues.

But the truth is that many developers support a more drastic change of the icon, a change of personality in the application. Given these words, the Ubuntu design team has spoken and it has been clear: its priority is not the icon. According to several members of the Design team, the team’s priority is to make their designs functional and practical, In this aspect they care about the performance of the designs and not whether it is beautiful or not a certain icon. Currently, they say, their problems are different and should be focused on, but they still do not rule out a future change, the only one not now.

Personally I think the icon itself could be changed, but it is also true that Ubuntu doesn’t take their browser project very seriously, at least not as seriously as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, so you might not even bother to change its icon. However, we must recognize that there are more urgent problems than changing or talking about the icon of an application, an icon that can also be changed for whatever we want, which is why Ubuntu offers this customization Don’t you believe?

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