Scid, a great tool for learning to play chess

From the beginnings of personal computing, one of the most popular video games has been and is chess. Currently in professional chess and in general, computer science is playing a big role. But fortunately not everything is paid for and even in the chess world, free software reigns supreme. One of these programs that we can use in our Ubuntu is called Scid. Scid is a chess game database which not only allows us to store our games but also allows us to study chess, watch other people’s games and even play online with others through the ICC service.

Installing Scid is easy as it is located in the Ubuntu Software Center, but in this case, visiting the main website of the project will be mandatory as on the web we can find many resources and complements for this program. The installation can also be done via synaptic or in the terminal using the command “apt-get install.” Any method will work on our Ubuntu.Among the add-ons I would recommend to install alongside Scid would be Kiril Kryukov’s Endgame Database, a database for playing the finals that will come in handy in our studies, not just when it comes to analyzing. Chess Engines is another section that we should consult as it is very important.

Scid is a free chess database

Chess engine is a chess engine, this means that when analyzing a game or playing a game against the computer the computer plays as if it were a professional. There are paid and other free engines, among the free ones you can use are Critter, Stockfish and Firenzina. Very good engines that will make a novice can reach the level of Grand Master of chess, yes, with some time.

In addition on the website of Scid we can find a database of chess games but as Scid supports universal formats, you can use any database found on the Internet without any problems.

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