The first beta of Ubuntu 16.04 for LinuxOne is now available

Over the last few years Canonical and Ubuntu have revolved around the business world, though that’s not why they’ve left the desktop world. So in recent months its Cloud platform has gained great importance what it has done Ubuntu is present in large companies such as IBM.

In recent months Canonical and IBM have worked hard to launch LinuxOne and a strong Software platform for it. LinuxOne is a range of servers, of high quality but with affordable prices, all the affordable that can be in the business world working with Ubuntu.

LinuxOne will also have its dose of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

With less than a month to go before the next LTS launch, Canonical has released a beta version for LinuxOne servers, So system administrators will be able to test the news of the new version of Ubuntu without having to wait for its release. These improvements go through offering hardware optimization as well the incorporation of the OpenStack and Juju packages for those who want to use it. In turn, this announcement tells us that Ubuntu 16.04 is mature enough to use on production computers, because if they release a special version for servers or rather for LinuxOne, with more reason to be able to use it on computers of production. Yet we must recognize that there are still many mistakes to correct and I might even dare say that some minor bugs will remain in the distribution after the release of the stable version.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a LinuxOne computer, in this one link you can download the beta version for these computers, but possibly, like the rest, we have to settle for the generic version, the Ubuntu Server version.

While it is not news that affects many users, the truth is that in one way or another Canonical comes to tell us that it does not neglect its commitments and its products, Especially LinuxOne. Something that is interesting if we are a company we are looking to buy a server for our company, although there are always other more affordable options Don’t you believe?

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