The ZFS system will be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04

As reported by several Ubuntu developers. The file system ZFS will be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, The next version of Ubuntu. However this new file system it will not replace the traditional EXT4, But for now it will be there, in the background, until it is fully compatible and reliable with the system.

Ubuntu follows in the footsteps of Debian and hence its interest in the ZFS file system, but it is a system that still has some issues and therefore will not be an option for an LTS version as is Ubuntu 16.04. This means that possibly in a year, for Ubuntu 16.10 we will see a change in the partition manager, but it is a hypothetical thing because unresolved issues regarding ZFS are serious issues as a bug between ZFS and the UEFI bios or file system license, a CDDL license that is incompatible with the Linux kernel.

ZFS will not yet be the standard Ubuntu file system

However, remember that Ubuntu wants to get rid of debianitas legacies and the use of ext4 system is something inherited, So possibly ZFS if it is the file system of the future of Ubuntu, although as many warn of a distant future of Ubuntu.
In any case I think broadly Ubuntu’s file system is pretty good and for the end user, either Ext4 or Ext3 or even ZFS may be worth it as the system is very robust. Now, for computers like servers, I think even Ext4 is a bad choice, but that’s just a personal impression What do you think? Have you used any other file system? What did you think of how it works?

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