Ubuntu 18.10 may not have installation images for i386

There are many who think that the installation and how to release Ubuntu updates should change, it should update and look for other ways like rolling release. And although the controversy over the latter form of installation is already closed, now there is another more problematic: support for i386.

One of the developers of Ubuntu, John Dimitri Ledkov, He has proposed that the support for i386 be gradually removed so that in Ubuntu 18.10 the 32-bit image of Ubuntu does not come out, that is, the image for i386.This proposal raises several issues and various situations in which users will have issues. The first is that i386 corresponds to 32-bit computers, Old equipment that many people still have at home. If approved, these computers will no longer have Ubuntu on their system.

Some official Ubuntu flavors will not make sense if the i386 version is removed

Another problem with removing Ubuntu i386 is what to do with some official flavors. If Ubuntu is really dedicated to current or powerful computers, it makes little sense to spend resources on flavors like Lubuntu or Xubuntu that are geared toward older computers, computers that use the 32-bit platform. Packaging is another of the problems there is. While many packages should already have been updated, the truth is that there are still many branches and repositories with i386 packages, Packages that would not work in the new versions and therefore the work would be double.

It is true that John Dimitri Ledkov has only released one proposal, however it is a serious proposal that could pay off and become a reality, A pretty bad reality for those who can’t afford a new computer, so we’ll have to save money so that over these two years, we can upgrade our computer Or maybe you don’t need that? What do you think?

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