Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1, the unofficial taste gets its update

In recent days we have seen how the latest update of the LTS version of Ubuntu came to us, but it has not been the only one we have seen arrive. We recently learned that Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 is now available. This unofficial version of Ubuntu has been updated with some new features but is still preparing to be an official taste and for the next version of Ubuntu 16.10.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 leaves Unity to have as Budgie’s main desk, The famous desktop found in the GNU / Linux Solus distribution.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 not only incorporates the improvements and fixes of Ubuntu 16.04.1 but has also made its own modifications such as fixing certain aspects in the distribution installer.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 incorporates a user wizard for novice users

Now Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 allows the full encryption of hard drives. The language issue in the installer has also been fixed, which many users will appreciate. The most striking is the arrival of a new welcome app that will guide the user new to know more about desktop and distribution, something similar to Ubuntu MAT Welcome, but focused on Ubuntu Budgie Remix.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 represents a major breakthrough for the distribution as one of the requests that Canonical made for it to become an official flavor was to have a large community working with it and to release a version in a few days a strong development team and an incipient community to help take this step. So it looks like in the next version of Ubuntu could have a new official flavor Don’t you believe?

In any case, Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.04.1 is now available for download and installation via its official website, Web where you can also find more material and information about the distribution.

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