Ubuntu makes it easier to port iOS and Android apps to Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu and Canonical continue to work and support the Ubuntu Touch project. The last one we met is the portability of the React Native web framework to Ubuntu Phone which makes many of the apps written for iOS and Android can be transferred to Ubuntu Phone without any problem.

React Native Web is a framework based on ReactJS, A web technology that is being widely adopted by developers and can now be easier to use on Ubuntu Phone.

React Native Web and Cordova will make portability of iOS and Android apps to Ubuntu Touch easier

React Native web is not the first framework that Canonical manages to bring to Ubuntu Phone. currently the developers have Cordova, A framework widely used in the Android world. And while these adaptations does not cause an app that is written for iOS to automatically run on Ubuntu Phone, Yes that helps the developer to launch the same app for ubuntu Phone and not spend so many hours to create the same app on different platforms.

The truth is that what Canonical and Ubuntu are doing is nothing new, it’s something Microsoft is already doing, but without much success, but curiously in Ubuntu Touch, the pace of apps is different. Yes, as many of you said in an article in which we told you 5 apps for Ubuntu Phone, many are webappsTrue, but they are just as functional as normal apps and even lighter than others, although that’s why we spend data on our mobile. So we can say that every time the ecosystem of Ubuntu Touch looks more like Android or iOS and less like Windows Phone, Something very interesting if we consider the famous Convergence of Ubuntu Don’t you believe?

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