Ubuntu Mate 16.04 will enhance its look

MATE is one of the best known desktops within Linux. Its fame came to him by its design similar to GNOME2 of which many consider their successor. Its expansion has reached almost all known Linux distributions and certainly on its own merits, as it is one of the lightest and at the same time most accomplished-looking desks which exists.

Ubuntu is one of the distributions that has successfully hosted this desktop in its distribution, and the next edition of it, the 16.04 MAT, will come with very interesting news in terms of visuals. of Client Side Decoration and GTK Header Bar we talk.


Through an image that Martin Wimpress, developer of MAT, has uploaded to his Google+ profile we checked the appearance of the second beta that is preparing for the end of this month, which includes Client Side Decoration (CSD ). If you look closely, at the desk each of the shadows is rendered and in supported applications, their size can be adjusted. Overlays are also drawn correctly thanks to CSD although it can also run without it, although without shadows as would be logical in this case. Also look at the edges of the windows, which they do not have the defect of black corners which does appear on the default Ubuntu desktop with CSD.

Integration also reaches the buttons, scroll bars, or GTK2 and GTK3 themes, Which now appear much better aligned. Much of the work has also been advanced on Qt4 and Qt5 and their integration with widgets. All this will bring great consistency in the way it appears from the desktop regardless of the tool that is used for its design.

Another component of desktop decor but that is not so often treated are the header bars or header bars. In this case it is possible to appreciate how they can be aligned between applications and others without any difficulty.

With this development presented to us by Wimpress it seems that finally in MAT will not be at odds with its lightness with good design.

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