Unity 8 will still not be the default desktop for Yakkety Yak

Shortly after the public presentation of the new version of Ubuntu 16.04, Mark Shuttleworth introduced the new name of Ubuntu 16.10, the next version of Ubuntu and although the name did not say anything about the features of the new version . Apparently today after a community hangout, several developers have talked about Yakkety Yak and what it will include and what it will not include.

Yakkety Yak or Ubuntu 16.10 is a non-LTS version so many thought or thought that many not very stable features would be in this version of Ubuntu. In the end it has not been like that and we have known that Unity 8 will not be the default desktop for the distribution.

Fans and those who have tried the new desktop version of Ubuntu will have to wait a little longer to have the desktop and its new features as the default desktop. However Unity 8 is an alternative for those who want to try something new without having to wait for future releases. Now it looks like this solution will take longer than previously thought.

Unity 8 will not be the default desktop but systemd will be the default

We have also heard other news that may be interesting such as the removal of Python2. This does not mean that Python is removed from Ubuntu but old Python 2 dependencies are removed and are taken to the latest version of Python. PackageKit 1.0 will also come to Yakkety Yak, an interesting novelty without a doubt, but the most striking thing will be that Yakkety Yak will have finally systemd and not upstart. An interesting thing that has brought a lot of controversy and of course will make Ubuntu 16.10 also controversial for that and not just for not bringing Unity 8.

Personally I think Ubuntu 16.10 will be a great version of Ubuntu, Will not bring with it Unity 8 but it will reach other milestones interesting for many as the system boot or the famous convergence that will be more refined than it is today, something very interesting for many Don’t you believe?

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