We teach you how to install Ubuntu MAT 16.04

The day has come. The 16.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu and all their official flavors have been released today. In this article we will talk about Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS, the latest taste to reach the Ubuntu family but not the least. In fact, many of us think it’s the best thing that has happened to Ubuntu since the advent of Unity. In addition, this new version includes a theme called Mutiny which is a mix halfway between the MAT and Unity graphics environments without losing speed. Below is everything you need to know for to Install Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS | on your computers.

Preliminary steps and requirements

  • Although there is usually no problem, it is recommended to make a backup of all the important data for what might happen.
  • You will need a Pendrive 8G USB (Persistent), 2 GB (Live only) or a DVD to create bootable USB or Live DVD from where we will install the system.
  • If you choose the recommended option to create a bootable USB, in our article How to create a bootable USB from Ubuntu from Mac and Windows you have several options that explain how to create it.
  • If you haven’t done so before, you’ll need to enter the Bios and change the order of boot units. It is recommended that you first read the USB, then the CD and then the hard drive (Floppy).
  • To go about safe, connect the computer to cable. In my case, my computer is not good for Wi-Fi until I do some “tricks”.

How to install Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS

The process to install Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS is very simple and is no different from the process to install other flavors of Ubuntu. There are some points where the thing can get complicated, but only if one wants to have multiple partitions, as I will also explain. There is a step that did not come to me in which he asks us if we want to connect to the Internet. This step only comes out if we haven’t connected yet, either over Wi-Fi or with the cable. Without further ado, go on to detail the steps to follow to install this new version:

  1. Once the bootable USB or Live USB is plugged in and booted from it, we will have two options. If we have chosen to try without installing, the first step will be to double-click on the icon on the desktop that says “Install Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS”. If we have chosen the option to install without trying, it will come in directly and we will have to move on to the second step.
  2. We choose the installation language. If you read Ubunlog, chances are your choice is Spanish.
  3. Then we click on “Continue”.


  1. On the next screen I would recommend ticking the first of the boxes at least. It does not, when starting the system will be updated, not to mention the different adjustments we will have to make, such as adding our language. To minimize errors, it is best to check this box.
  2. Then we click on “Continue” again.



  1. The next step is where we need to make the most important decision. What do we want to do? As you can see, we have 4 options, to which are added two if we want to encrypt our installation:


  • Update X-Ubuntu to Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS. If you want the system to try to leave everything as it was but updated, this should be your choice. Personally I do not recommend it, as there would be some remnants of the previous installation. If you don’t have obsessions like me, go ahead.
  • Remove X-Ubuntu and reinstall. This is one of my recommendations, but keep in mind that we would lose everything we had saved. This option is good if, for example, we have Windows 10 on one partition, X version of Ubuntu on another and we want to start again from 0 with Ubuntu and leave without touching the instance of Windows.
  • Erase disk and install Ubuntu MAT. This is similar to the previous option, but with the difference that it will remove the entire hard drive, including other systems, and install it from 0. Of course, before installing the system with this option you need to save a copy of security of all important data.
  • Encryption options will be available if you remove either the disk or an Ubuntu installation and start from 0. To avoid error you need to open a terminal and type the command swapoff.
  • more options. My favorite option. If it is not your choice, you will need to go to step 10.


  1. I have three different partitions for Linux: the root where the system is installed, the home folder where I save my data and settings and the swap area, a kind of RAM for what can happen . If you want to have it like me and haven’t created them before, you can do so from this screen by clicking “Create Partition Table”. It will take us to a window where we can create, delete and resize disks. Once created, it will return us to the previous window, where we must select the partitions and indicate what function we want each to have. The exchange will be called a “swap”. If this is the first time we have done this and, as in my case, you have left the same size for the root (/) and home folder (/ home) partitions, then we choose. If we had already installed the system with this option, the one with the operating system label on the side is the root folder. If we want to keep, for example, the / home folder, we can leave it as it is. If not, check the box to format it. Same with the root.
  2. Once we have all this set up, click Install.
  3. It will warn us that the data and all that will be deleted. We click on “Continue”.


  1. We choose our area and click on “Continue”.


  1. We choose the layout of the keyboard and click on “Continue”. If you don’t know what it is, you can type in the dialog box below to detect which one we use.


  1. In the next window, we need to create our user. We put our username, the name of our computer, which is not important but is what we will always see in the terminal, and password. Then we click on “Continue”.


  1. We hope.




  1. And finally, we click either “Restart” to start using the system or “Keep trying” to stay in the Live Session.


Already installed it? What do you think of Ubuntu MAT 16.04 LTS?


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