Xfce Panel Switch, the new Xubuntu 15.10 tool

Xfce Panel Switch in operation

Thanks to a bug report we have learned a new Xubuntu tool that will be in the next version, Xubuntu Wily Werewolf. This new tool is called Xfce Panel Switch, a tool that will allow us not only back up our panels in Xubuntu but it will also allow us to import, export and restore our settings. This will be handy as it will allow us to perform a single panel configuration and export them to other computers, systems and even future versions of Xubuntu.

At the moment it is something that is under development but it has not taken long to launch official repositories so that we can use it in versions prior to Xubutnu 15.10 and there is even talk of an export in other distributions, although for now Debian Xfce has declined to insert it into its stable package. In addition Xfce Panel Switch has direct access to the configuration of panels so that through this tool we can even make our own configurations.

Installing Xfce Panel Switch

At the moment the only way to have Xfce Panel Switch is through an image of Xubuntu Wily Werewolf but we can also try it in previous versions of Xubuntu thanks to a Lauchpad repositories. For installation through this procedure we must open a terminal and write the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-staging

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xfpanel-switch

After that the installation will start and all we need to do is reboot the system for the changes to take effect. Although this last step is not necessary, it is recommended that Xubuntu take into account all the changes made. After that we will have Xfce Panel Switch on our Xubuntu.


Once again Xubuntu will show off the balance it has created. For several versions Xubuntu has been characterized as a lightweight desktop that in turn has a beautiful aesthetic without the need for high resolution or auxiliary programs that only consume resources on the computer. with Xubuntu we can create a Dock shaped panel and even get back to the old look of GNOME 2, something much appreciated and loved by many GNU / Linux users. Maybe Xfce Panel Switch is a great tool for many users or at least a tool to change the look of Xubuntu What do you think?

image – Webupd8

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