Xubuntu and the small details of its window manager

Last week, the team of Xubuntu present some of the smallest details of your operating system to help users use the system more efficiently. Some of the features they talked about will be new to users upgrading from 14.04 LTS version to 16.04 LTS version. On the other hand, they also mentioned some features that have been in Xubuntu for a long time and others that are new to the official taste of Ubuntu with Xfce environment.

One of the points they talked about was the shortcuts to Xubuntu applications. In addition to application shortcuts, you can also create shortcuts to actions in the window manager and keyboard shortcuts for select and move a window faster. in that post we will show you how to do it.

Xubuntu window manager shortcuts

The shortcuts of the window manager they allow us to perform all sorts of actions for windows, such as loops, resize them, and display the desktop. Some of the most useful are:

  • Alt + Tab to cycle and modify windows (Alt + Shift + Tab to reverse the process)
  • Super + Tab to apply a window cycle in the same application.
  • Alt + F5 to maximize windows horizontally.
  • Alt + F6 to maximize windows vertically.
  • Alt + F7 to maximize windows (both vertically and horizontally)
  • Alt + space for the windows operations menu.

Key to grab and move

Xface uses a special key to grab and move windows. By default, this key is High. By pressing the key and dragging a window with the left mouse button, you can move the window. By pressing the key and dragging the window from a corner with the right mouse button, you can resize the window. You can change the key to grab and move from the window manager settings and by accessing the Accessibility tab.


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