Xubuntu: Keyboard shortcut to enable / disable compositing

Activate and deactivate the composition of windows in Xubuntu (XFCE) is a really simple task, just open the system configuration manager, go to the section Window Manager Features (Window Manager Settings) → Composer and check / uncheck the option Enable display compositing.

However, having to adjust this preference every time we want to turn the composition effects on or off is really annoying, although luckily it’s something that can be fixed by setting a keyboard shortcut with the corresponding order.

To do this you need to go to the configuration module keyboard and then on the tab Application keyboard shortcuts. We press the button Add and in the window that opens we enter, in the field «command», the following line:

xfconf-query --channel=xfwm4 --property=/general/use_compositing --type=bool --toggle

We accept and then enter the key combination we want to grant; in my case I chose -Accustomed to KDE- to Shift + Alt + F12.

Composition of windows

Once this is done, the new keyboard shortcut will be registered in the system immediately. From now on for turn composition effects on and off just press the key combination we have chosen. Easy and fast.

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