You can create your own stores to distribute snap packages

While snap packages are very popular among the GNU / Linux community, the truth is that the philosophy of Ubuntu is questionable for many, especially for those who do not use Ubuntu as a regular distribution.
That is why the developers of snap packages have made a demonstration of what can be done with snap packages and their distribution. So Dustin Kirkland has explained how to make your own snap package store in Fedora 24, the latest version of Fedora.According to Kirkland, Ubuntu will not have the only store with this package, but any user will be able to create their own store as its operation is equal to a http web server. Thus, after a few simple commands on the server, any user can create their own snap package store and insert it into any distribution without having to depend on Ubuntu or Canonical for its realization.

Any user or distribution will be able to create their own store with snap packages

The information of this private and test store can be found at Dustin’s github, Which has made it public so that anyone can take advantage of it. However I highly doubt that you project managers from different distributions will create their own store using this new packaging system.

Following the announcement of the snap generalization, the Fedora team and other distributions have announced Flatpack, an alternative system to Snap. So as with deb packages, this new package system will not be the only one in the future of GNU / Linux distributions and it looks like there will be confrontation between snap and Flatpack. Now, for now the simplicity is in the snap packages Will they be able to overcome them or will Ubuntu packages reign supreme? What do you think of this possibility?

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