You can now run Ubuntu Touch apps on Ubuntu Desktop

There are still many fringes around Ubuntu Touch and its convergence but there are fewer and fewer. The latest to resolve is the current situation of Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, a package that made several Ubuntu Touch apps work on our desktop. Well, a few days ago David Planella reported through the mailing lists for developers that the latest update of the package allows you to install any app in the Ubuntu Touch market. Or what is the same, the number of Ubuntu applications increases considerably.
So from now on by installing Ubuntu Core Apps we can install on the desktop a Telegram client, a Twitter client, the clock, calendar, poker games, etc …. Almost all will work well and we say almost all because if you need special hardware like GPS and our computer does not have it, then the apps will not work well.

How do I get Ubuntu Touch Core Apps?

Installation is simple, but as it is not yet stable, we do not find Ubuntu Touch Core Apps in the official repositories but we have to install from another repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/daily

Once we have installed the repository, we update:

sudo apt-get update

And we install the package:

sudo apt-get install touch-coreapps 

After that we will have access to the Ubuntu Touch apps. Of course not all as they are all still being uploaded to this repository but the most important ones.

Personally I find it very interesting not only for developers, for whom this package was designed but for all users and to make Ubuntu Touch more and more accepted. Perhaps in this the Ubuntu team has beaten the rest as it is very difficult to install Windows Phone, Android or iOS apps on their respective desktop systems. Is Ubuntu more and more surprising so it may be that the convergence is not only good for Ubuntu users but it also surprises the rest of the users you say?


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